Like you, I am interested in all the innovations that appear. Like you I saw the lemon diet appear. Like you I saw all these people who drink lemon in hot water in the morning … Do you want to know if it's good or not? Welcome to the Jean-Michel Cohen channel, the chain where we only talk about nutrition and where we don't take you for potatoes. So this is not potatoes which we are going talking about lemon: just a reminder, what is lemon? It's a citrus with an acid taste, quantity of fibers: 3 g per 100 g. Quite interesting but on the condition that you chew the pulp. Amount of calories: 30 kcal per 100 g, I pump a little eh because I have texts that are prepared and value in lipids and proteins etc. There is nothing at all given the number of calories. So we saw these lately a whole bunch of people say "I take a lemon in the morning with hot water and I feel so much better. " "Jean-Michel is very good, and I feel better!" There are 2 categories of people: there are those who tell you that it helps them lose weight and there there are those who tell you that it's really good for digestion. So let's … first aspect: the digestive aspect. So how can it be interesting lemon for digestion? First you know how digestion works, that is to say that you absorb a food when you absorb it, your taste buds perceive it the salivary glands start to start, they prepare a little saliva and in fact it will mix with food but at the same time that it triggers the saliva it triggers the whole digestion process lower. That is, the stomach starts to prepare, the gallbladder starts to expand to fill, the pancreas begins to act and it is therefore first trigger. So the impact of lemon, which is an acidic food, is to increase the secretion of the salivary glands therefore to promote digestion. But hey it can be said that it is a minor effect. Hot water it has two virtues. Firstly, it is a soothing side, that is to say that lukewarm water, there is the reassuring side that is both psychological and at the same time real. Psychological because lukewarm water is lukewarm water in which we may like to bathe because the body is immersed in the same temperature as its own temperature and then the second effect is the physical effect this is to say that lukewarm water is relatively soothing for the mucous membranes whether it's the esophagus or the stomach since it's going to pass along walls and therefore it has a soothing effect. If I look at the effects of lemon, the real effects of lemon on the map medical it is known for its antiseptic properties say it would be … it would help us fight infection. This explains why we used it for the hands to disinfect but we often put lemon with honey for example when your throat hurts. But we use it a lot in cosmetology only to clarify the complexion of individuals. It seems to work like that. The second thing is that the juice lemon then diluted in water it has a property. He would avoid having a hoarse voice because in fact it would decrease the secretion of mucus, it is possible but hey it is not the priority in the morning to tell myself I'm going to decrease my mucus secretion because I'm going to take lemon water with hot lemon water. Although for some people who speak, including actors or TV presenters or lawyers it helps. So we mentioned it's true that there was an evocation on Alzheimer's disease, but you know we talk so much about Alzheimer's disease today that does most of the products we talk about all have a positive action, then the end we say we must eat everything to not have Alzheimer's disease unless you have it and forgot to eat it. There are two or three things I wanted to tell you about, that I found as a use, that the lemon could be used as a descaler in dishwashers so maybe that it inspired people who make hot lemon water and can be used to clean aluminum objects. It can naturally whiten teeth, but beware, it is corrosive to tooth enamel so you see there are some positive effects that are nonetheless quite mild and there are negative effects that exist but which are when even quite light. So I would say hot lemon water is something not very useful but which gives pleasure and which is not dangerous. So maybe it improves digestion but unless you take a little extremely heavy lunch I don't really see the point of doing this kind of thing. On the other hand at the diet level, then here we go we will let go we will say "this is the worst bullshit" Why? Because that's not the place first time we get hit: all foods that taste sour all foods that taste sour give us the illusion, give the illusion to some not mine anyway … to have a fat burning effect. That is to say, style hydrochloric acid that we pour on the hand, the hand breaks down and well it's it. The principle was that we had in the past, remember, come on, the grapefruit and we have had pineapple in the past, that is to say all these products a little yellow and a little aggressive in terms of taste and well it gives always the illusion that we can lose weight that's why these diets called "diets lemon "are only fantasies of the mind that don't work and very often I must point out to you that in the diets one uses a device marketing to actually just make sure that the decrease in calories goes behind the fact that we used the marketing element. In other words, like the rabbit I come out of the hat I tell you it's because I took lemon that I lost weight but in reality it is because instead of eating 2000 calories a day I ate 1,300 a day I have lost weight but we only looked at the lemon. So there you go if you have a glass of water lemony hot in the morning, frankly if it feels good then really there is no reason not to do it the same way as coffee, that tea that everything that you want. If you are taking lemon diets for lose weight, unless you reduce your diet, then as much as you know. That's for me it's part of fantasies that we see from time to time this one is not dangerous it makes laugh there are others who are dangerous from time to time, my role is to explain them to you. If you liked this video you like it and you watch it share and even, you subscribe and if you want to take stock free slimming through a nice quiz, you click here! See you soon Zamis!

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