Do you want to progress on the Assault Bike? Here is a full tutorial and a bonus at the end of the video, a super intense wod. Hi the team, hi crossfiters. I'm Jack, founder of Train2Compete programming. I believe if you train hard and intelligently you can do for a long time, stay healthy and reach your maximum potential. For you an idea today, I give you a lot of advice on the Assault bike. OK, the first type obviously is the setting. I'm going to arrange for the saddle here to come just below my hip. I have very big legs, I'm on level 10. If you get on the bike, you pretty much want to be able to stretch your leg or in any case stop just before. The idea is not to stay with your leg bent while you pedal because otherwise you will congest much faster. The second benchmark is that you should be able to reach out here comfortably going to the maximum wrist amplitude. If you do not succeed you get off, you advance the saddle. You have this possibility on bikes. It’s really important not to get carried away by the weight when you have to pedal for a long time, it's going to be very complicated otherwise. The third little tip and you keep it to yourself because that's really the little thing, is that you can lower the feet before and mount the back ones. Being slightly tilted since you are going to have the body weight that is going to tip forward, you are going stronger, you will be able to pedal much more easily, It sounds like nothing, but really it can help you a lot. Once all this is done you have to understand how you pedal depending on the type of effort. If you have an effort that I will describe as rather long in any case long for you, you’ll just sit with the lined abs, leaning forward, that means that this distance should not change whether I am bent over or whether I am straight. I'm going to lean slightly forward and I'm just going to stay in this cladding and find a constant rhythm. At the bottom right of the screen you have the rpm that is to say the revolutions per minute. You’ll just focus on that number at the start, find a regular average in which you are comfortable and in which you can breathe. Ideally inhale through the nose, blow through the mouth, in any case find a regular rhythm which will allow you to hold that for a long time while being as short of breath as possible if you have other things to do in the wod. When it comes to a sprint, you will act completely differently. Attention, the technique I will show you there can help you be very fast, very explosive. You can't do this for very long. The principle will be to start as a dancer and tear everything out. It means that instead of staying sheathed and just going in the arms and legs, I will also use my back, make big movements a little disgusting but it's just extremely effective. To give you an indication just before I did about 60 rpm, here I went up to 105. Clearly this effort is much more effective since I made seven calories and just now one, but I’m much more breathless too. I feel that it is much more difficult and therefore clearly it's for very short, very intense efforts, typically for the wod that I will give you right after. The most important thing to be good at Assault Bike it's going to be about being able to breathe, knowing when to do what types of effort. Clearly if you have a 21, 15, 9, and that for you 21 calories goes very quickly, you can sprint, do it because in fact you will realize that you can do 21 calories in 20 to 25 seconds only whereas if you put a rhythm i will say easy for you you may be making 21 calories in five, six minutes. The difference is huge. Now if you have to hold a 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 you can't do that at all, it won't work. So find a regular rhythm and try to maintain this pace throughout the wod. So this wod I told you about, it's going to be an emome that will last seven to eight minutes maximum. You are going to set a fixed number of calories and you're going to add 5 squat jump. Jump, you don't have to jump but at least make the maximum extension. The principle here, if I had to do it, I do them the last time with this. I made 9 calories and once I tried ten, it was my maximum. The first time I did it I was with 7. Find the number that suits you and hold it for seven to eight minutes. I'm showing you two, you will see that it is really damn intense. I did 10 calories and 5 squat jump in … in less than 25 seconds, so it's excellent. But clearly there once it's back down I already feel the cardio which shows very very strong, my breathing which is changing. I'm going to have to recalibrate it and start again next minute. The hardest part when doing this is going to manage your breathing but by doing this kind of thing … The first time I had to do more calories it was much easier for me to manage the effort, my breathing, my sheathing, much much simpler. Next minute, we advance. Sorry, we had to cut for a microphone problem. If you can't jump on the squat jump you just do a squat with your arms down and up. You just have to grow, engage the glutes What is the idea? It's to do the full extension to do everything on the chain of external twists or bow if you prefer. It gives this. The idea is to be very very explosive and to combine the two. Choose the number of wedges, choose the number of squats you want to do. Challenge yourself with 7 minutes then 8 minutes. Do not add more minutes, add shims instead or squats jump and keep this intensity very very high. OK, just a little security thing, thanks to Alex for pointing this out to me. The idea is that when you come on the Assault Bike at the end of a sprint, when you are with the pedals continuing to turn, do not try to slow the bike down. Take off your legs. It's much safer than trying to brake. You will hurt yourself. It's really not the right plan, so just take it off your legs, let it spin and go down quietly. The Assault Bike can be a real obstacle for some especially if you have less amplitude, and therefore the idea will be to practice regularly. You absolutely must do it once or twice a week to become better. Alternate between sprints and longer efforts, set your breath and everything will be fine. The question of the day is what is your technique to progress to Assault Bike? Do you have a wod to offer me? I will definitely try it so put it here in the comments below. We will put a little drink together with pleasure. If like me you struggled at the start with the Assault Bike I'm sure these tips and this wod will help you progress as they helped me beforehand. If you liked this video put a "Like". It's always a pleasure and then share the video with other people to also help them progress on the Assault Bike. Train hard, train smart. Hard train, smart train. Peace! I no longer know what to say. Like, share. Like, share …. You have to stop. No not like this ! I can't say it like that. Please say it like that, please … Ah! Whore… You must like, share ..

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