Hello friends and welcome to this new video of Your Best Cycling life in which we are going to see a subject on which I have many requests, but I am quite reluctant to give tips on this, it's on the position. Precisely, today we will see how to adjust your saddle recoil. Why am I reluctant to give advice on this? Because, first, there are many of schools in this area, clearly, there is a lot of position calculation software, postural studies, etc. If you look, there's a whole bunch of software and people who do that and it bickers a bit with big scientific studies and techniques, tests, tests …, "I am the strongest, I am the best", and I’m a little behind that and I’ll explain why. We will take a concrete case today, and I will explain all the precaution that I want to take. The concrete case is a question I have been asked asked: "what do we do to adjust the saddle recoil?" "Because the saddle is on a small cart and we can position it rather on the front or rather on the back, and what is happening ? For that, you obviously have software very complicated and expensive – when you do a postural study, which advise you to recede a saddle, depending on your body type, what you are doing, etc. -, I have nothing to say, it's very complicated. Now, for 99.9% of cyclists and, say, 95% of cyclists – because, apart from the professionals for whom is going to be a millimeter adjustment, and again -, I find that for the most part of us, the good old pretty empirical, but very good, method of you put on the bike, put the two pedals flat (as in the picture) and with a wire plumb, you watch that the tip of your knee is set back from your pedaling axis is sufficient. This is the right measure to do that. To have a starting point. Warning ! It's like with heart rate, "there are several methods, what do we do to calculate our FCMax? And to calculate our stuff rates… ”; I told you, when we say 80% of the FCMax, it is a benchmark, but you, after, you have to see how you feel 80%, do you feel you start to make lactates, or can you push a little more, to 83… 86% and this is where you start making lactate. It's up to you, it's a first benchmark. Well, there it is the same. This seat recoil measurement gives you a first benchmark, i would say you reset things, and you wonder how you you feel. Clearly, when you take a little more saddle recoil, as you move your cart a little more, it's an effort where is a little more seated, a little more backwards, so it's a little more comfortable effort in the long run, which is a little less "fast power", but which is, for example, very well suited in the ribs, in the long necks; we rather go up like this and it is more suitable, easier to push-pull. If, on the contrary, you are more of a profile of rolling on the flat, you tend to make the saddle, and to advance a your cart a little bit, so move it a little further from that marker and you pedal more piston just above your pedals. There we do more pushing, the draw phase is less obvious, less strong and moreover, we are less comfortable. On the other hand, we are more comfortable: the more we put the frequency, the more we are comfortable with a more advanced saddle recoil, a more advanced saddle. You can see that, once again, we can already see subtleties there: on the hill, I will rather put myself back, on the flat, rather forward, and according to my way of pedaling, I'm going to go backwards or forwards. Next, depending on whether you have a pedal stroke – and here too it is important and we will see it on the image -, depending on whether you pedal flat or pedaling on the point, you can see that it has an impact on your knee, on the angle between your knee, your shin and your foot. All this will have a influence on your comfort. All that to say what? Of course, we can do postural studies which are very expensive to have a really top thing level. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but I'm saying what's a shame, is that you can have very simple advice to take your posture, like the one I gave you: you put your two pedals flat, you watch that the axis of your knee is set back from the pedal axis, because this is the place where you press the strongest, and it is better that it is a little behind. Now, the “a little bit” can be adjusted according to whether you are making the rib, the dish, according to your style. Look for comfort, look for your sensations, don't give all the power to specialists without, you, having done this research work on yourself for really know which position is suitable. Now, like everything, in posture studies, there are some that are very good; I have my friend Mathieu Papin – whom I still greet here – who is a specialized ergonomic engineer in the sport. Of course it has software that gives you more detail, taking full of parameters, the position it takes, and then, with you, it will see how you are, how you feel, whether you pedal from the tip or flat, depending on your pedaling style, how to adjust it. Here we are on top, but we are really with an expert, not someone who has purchased software that has experience and experience and which gives a truth. There you have all the elements for know how to adjust your seat recoil easily, the axis method knee relative to the crankset axis in certain positions, then you adjust accordingly of you, and then you have the high end method. Whatever happens, I hope after this video you are a little smarter, that you will not be blinded to by beautiful technological developments that put their eyes on it, while using our intelligence and common sense we have things that serve a lot. I will soon make you a video on seat height, of course. But as I told you, this is a subject a little controversial where scientists come to be in the middle and if there are some here, I I'm sure in the comments they will go wild "but no … Nico. It is necessary thing stuff… ”OK, I bow, but there you have the solution that I suggest to you, common sense and that works well, and then to each his own way of doing things. If you liked this video, friends, click "like" and share it. Yes you did not like, you can leave in the comments, do not hesitate, I am open, it advances the discussion. And if you are here for the first time, click on the link: you can receive free advice from La Meilleure cyclosportive, go to the blog and see all the old articles, a database extraordinary on lots of advice on training, motivation, adjustments, food and more, and you’ll also get one of the super bonuses for free, 5 videos to stay motivated and surpass yourself all year round, i.e. the 12 exercises for have the checkout in no time. There you go, friends, now I'm going ride a bike and you will too. Come on, friends! Tchao.

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