Hello friends, and welcome to this new video from the blog La Meilleure cyclosportive of your life. We will talk today about the third section on how to gain strength by bike; to be able to be more enduring, to be able to pull a tooth or two better with the same frequency, the same ease: that makes more kilometers / hour much more easily. Right now, let's see how to develop this strength, not on the bike like last week, but in a gym sport – or at home. I will give you the best exercises, in my opinion, those that have the best results for building your strength, with several ways to work because again exercise is important but the way to work it is even more so. First, we will see the squat, which allows us to develop all the groups muscles used in cycling: the thigh muscles and the gluteal muscles, and cladding, in a position close to that of the pedal stroke. This exercise allows you to work with heavy loads. Like the front slot, which we see here. This are multi-joint exercises, that is to say that they work several joints and therefore which, in the same movement as the bicycle, make it possible to work several muscles at the same time, which is more advantageous compared to exercises that do not exercise than a muscle and which therefore risk injuring them at the tendons, joint and also muscular level. The third exercise is a sheathing exercise, because you can have a lot of power in the legs, if you can't stabilize that power on your bike, It's no use. First the plank exercise which allows to develop your abs and back muscles, and the side plank exercise which also allows you to develop your obliques. But like the board, the board lateral we work in isometry, that is to say static to better strengthen the muscles deep. Also watch how the shoulder is stressed, which will allow you to have more comfort in your cycling position in long outings. The next exercise is the pumps. Yes, in cycling we use a lot of back and the top of the body. In fact, cyclists often have back pain because they are not not strong enough at this level, so push-ups are an important exercise. We are also working on the vertical pull which is the antagonistic exercise of the pumps to have a harmonious and balanced musculature. This is very useful for long or intense outings. Start your warm-up with 10 minutes of cardio while running or cycling, with some small accelerations. Then 1 or 2 sets of the 6 empty exercises. This warm-up suffices. If you warm up too long, your muscles will be in endurance mode and will not be able to provide maximum effort. Remember to drink regularly throughout of your training. Here, these 6 exercises, you can practice them in several ways to gain strength. Certain traditional ways will make you gain muscle. You take a certain mass and you do as many repetitions as possible, in several series. Obviously, this kind of exercise will tend to use a lot of muscle – or two -, always in the same way. The muscles are getting bigger and that's not what that we're looking for by bike. I suggest two ways to do these exercises: one with maximum load, that is to say that you will do the exercise with the load maximum you can lift. So you’ll only be able to do one, two, three (large maximum) repetitions. After three, you can't take it anymore: you recover long enough and possibly repeat a series. By doing so, you exercise your muscles as much as possible, by training you develop your pure strength without gaining muscle mass since you do very very few sets. In addition, we have noticed that your muscle relaxation is much faster. The second method is the plyometric method, explosiveness. You make the same movements, but explosively. I will show you the different ways to do them. The big advantage of explosiveness is that you mobilize more muscle fibers, because at the time of the explosion, you use almost all of your muscle fibers. You will say to me "what is the interest for endurance sports?" Well we went realize that when you are in endurance, you only use part of the fibers muscle – 40 or 50% – and with fatigue, you will solicit other fibers muscles. So if you do an exercise that still builds muscle in the same way, always the same muscle fibers, you will have less impact on your endurance than if you do exercises that use more muscle fiber, such as exercises in plyometrics. Immediately, you will see how to practice each of these exercises, either in pure force or in plyometrics. The squat is an exercise where you can lift heavy loads, but be careful, you have to protect your lower back with an extremely tight waist belt. Take little almost half your weight on a bar and start doing ten bends, back straight, buttocks back. Then you can increase the charges gradually. Warning ! In cycling, it's not worth it go down to the bottom, thighs horizontal. You may injure yourself and that does not correspond to the movements of the cyclist. A half-squat, about 45 ° is more than enough to reproduce the movement of cycling without risk of injury to your lower back. Then add 5 kilos on each side, and you mount the bars. Until you can't do anything but 2 or 3 repetitions. You add more weights and start the series again every 10 kilos. When you can only do 1 or 2 reps, you are at your max. To start, do 2 to 3 sets of 3 repetitions maximum. Never more than 3 repetitions. In which case, you add weight to stay below 3 repetitions. Possibly increase the number of series, but prefer to increase weight is the goal: increase your strength. You can do this exercise twice a week, with cycling trips, you will have incredible strength at the end 3 or 4 weeks of such a program. Warning ! I repeat, this exercise can be very traumatic for the lower back: get advice from a specialist and be humble. For my part, I prefer the plyometric, explosive squat exercises, which are very effective and much less dangerous. You start with the jump of the frog. Bend your knees and jump as high as you can. Do 4 to 5 repetitions of this exercise. You can also use the kangaroo jump. There, it's just the legs that jump as high as possible, back as straight as possible. We continue with the front slit. An exercise that looks even more like alternating movement right / left pedaling, but which is less risky than the squat. Advance the leg in forward, bend the leg at the back until the knee almost touches the floor. The back straight, this hugs your bust enormously, as you will need to transfer your power from the upper and lower body. Advance, fold and raise. It is really a simple and very effective exercise. You can also do it with dumbbells, it's less traumatic and easier, because the dumbbells will help you balance on each side. You can do the same kind of step exercise on a chair or on a bench, like here. This requires less cladding and makes your job easier. You can then add weights to make it at maximum power. To find your maximum load, proceed as with squats: you gradually climb in small loads. Then do 3 sets of 3 reps maximum, twice a week over 4 weeks. Like the squat, you can do the front lunge explosively. You alternate once the right leg, once the left leg while jumping. It is very demanding your thighs, your glutes, and especially your sheathing for the balance of the body. You do not you can succeed in this exercise only with perfect sheathing, which gives a formidable efficiency. We move on to the sheathing exercises. Just sit on the elbows and on tiptoe and balance your body. Be careful not to drop too much your buttocks, which would arch your kidneys and damage your lower back. For the lateral sheathing, it's the same thing, pressing on a single elbow and on the feet, you cover your pelvis to develop your oblique muscles. Do 30 seconds of each exercise in 2 or 3 sets. Once you are over feel comfortable, first increase the time. Go to 40 seconds then one minute, then increase the number of series – 3, 4, 5 series. Push-ups are a well-known exercise. Just spread your hands about a just a little wider than the shoulders and bend the arms to raise the body. You can do it raised to facilitate movement and acquire the right gesture before weighing it down. Remember to drink regularly. You can exercise the pumps at maximum load by doing bench press. On a bench, you lift dumbbells, it's the same exercise. And you increase the weight of the dumbbells as you go to get to the maximum. Personally, I prefer explosive pumps which allow you to develop strength without gain muscle mass. You do 2 or 3 explosive pumps. In the same way, you can do them on an inclined bench, to catch the movement well until that you master it perfectly. Now we go to the deadlift. I remind you that this exercise is an antagonist pumps and is essential to have a harmonious musculature and avoid To hurt you. At first lift fairly light weights and do as many repetitions as for the pumps. Again, I advise you to work explosively with very light weights on 2 or 3 repetitions, rather than working very heavy loads, which would risk injuring yourself between your shoulder blades or your kidneys. Well, there you go, you know all about the best bodybuilding exercises that allow you gain strength without gaining weight. Now it's your turn to play not leave me a comment right below, share it with your friends, and watch your mailbox, because in a few days I will send you a message to a program that will allow you to start the season on a high note.

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