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Hello, I'm Fabien, personal trainer and physical trainer. I help (I accompany) people to achieve a physical or sporting goal. In this short video, I present a beneficial activity for everyone: The market. What are the tips for this activity to be effective? The advantages of walking This activity is not dangerous particular. It is practiced anywhere, and does not require specific equipment, except good shoes. Walking is a good alternative to running when you are overweight, old or not at all athletic. Less physically stressful and less aggressive for the joints, it is an ideal activity for a recovery progressive sport. The only condition for this activity is beneficial for weight loss, walking must be ACTIVE or SPORTS What is a Sports market? It is a step that should be between 4.5 and 7 km / hour and between 50 and 75% of the maximum heart rate. The benefits: You redesign the silhouette. More of the half of the muscular mass of the body is used: the buttocks, the legs, the abdominals, the back as well as the shoulders. Aerobic activity is good for the heart, lungs and blood circulation. It also reduces the fat mass. You favor a better venous return. No more heavy legs at the end of the day. You decrease stress and it's good for the moral! How does it work in practice? 30 minutes of walking 2 to 3 times a week is ideal. You will burn between 100 and 170 calories. 2 race solutions Start from point A (the start) and walk for 15 minutes. Make a location fix (point B) and turn around. Find a route that you can complete in 30 minutes. http://www.calculitineraires.fr is an internet page which allows you to calculate the distance traveled, average speed, average time per kilometer and the number of calories expended. Walk by walk. The next race, your goal will be to do better, either by traveling more distance (go beyond mark B), or by performing the route in less than 30 minutes. An effective training method: A training method that I apply regularly with my clients consists of alternating phases of active walking and slow walking phases. It is also a training that you can find in one of my video programs, the 66 cardio program. In the first session of this program, I chose 30/30, i.e. 30 seconds of fast walking and 30 seconds of slow walking. It's a 15-minute workout that you can do outside or simply at home. Outside: I give you each session an MP3 version of the training. Download it to your player and press on play. Inside: Space two objects of 5 steps (5 meters). Your race will be between these 2 objects. It's ideal when you don't have that very little time and when the good weather is not there. You can test this session for free by clicking on the link below. Behind this link, I explain how to easily take advantage of 5 training programs specially designed to get in better shape and lose weight. It is in these 5 programs you will find your cardio program. Click here to access your cardio program. My advice: Walking should be a pleasure, not a constraint. Regularity will bring you results on the long term. For more efficiency in your goal weight loss, combine walking with muscle building. Program 66 "Shape and Shapes" includes a training program with elastic. This resistance training program is perfect before or after your session Steps. If you want to work your glutes more, the hills and the stairs are your friends! Avoid the weights which are placed at the level wrists or ankles. They are ineffective and very bad for the joints. The technique: Put the heel first and unroll it plant foot to toe. Push on the foot to propel yourself far ahead. The arms are bent more or less 60 degrees. If the walk is toned, avoid being too steep, relax a little. Find a pleasant breathing rhythm. I tell you good walking, there is for that a step to make….

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