Hi everyone, it's Jeanviet. Today, we will see together 4 applications that will allow you to lose weight without dieting. 1st application to find out what your ideal weight is. For this, we will calculate the BMI, so there is an app on Android and iPhone that is called BMI calculation, you enter your age, your sex, your height, so 1 M 75 for me and 81.3 kg, knowing that I have already lost 5 kg in 2 months, so we will calculate if this is what I did, I learn I am still over 5 kg, my BMI is 26.6 and the ideal BMI is actually is below 25, so if I want to get below 25, I arrive at a weight of 76 kg. You can see the difference, it's roughly modo you have to make about the same weight as your height and I am 1 M 75, I should be about 75 kg, rather than going to a gym we are going to stay with me here you see quietly we will use the 7 minute workout app and before you start the exercise, you will need get dressed so we're going to get dressed for sports let's go so that's it, we're good, we're going, we're going to do sports right away. A chair, my carpet, and very important also a wall to be able to do like this, the chair, so I'm going to select this time 7 minutes workout, you see I have does 43 series, just click here on start and we're going to have a session of seven minutes with varied fractional exercises, so each time push-ups, abs and with pauses between intervals of ten seconds, 30 seconds exercises, 10 second break, 30 sec exercise, 10 sec break, actually it's been about 8 minutes 30 of exercises (with breaks) and so it's fast you can do that every day, little advice all the same, when you will start this series of exercises at the start, it's difficult because it's been a long time since you've been doing push-ups today I can do twenty push-ups in 30 seconds to start you can do a dozen, don't push too hard, go for it gradually, so we can start we see the exercises that are displayed there, so they are alternated, that's what is not bad. I make go. We're going to start Triceps disp on the chair, it's this (…) Half time so here we are at half time, it will report, it's an app that vocalizes all efforts. We have a ten second break. The chair. So the chair is not this chair there is the chain that we are going to make against the wall over there. A kind of square, and we just hold for 30 seconds Let's go (…) There, it's a little hard because the app does pumps and rotation and pumps just behind it is a little warm, it would have been better to space out the series of pumps We're good, I lost 85 calories and so here I see this is my 44th series, that's it so it's not bad so we move on now to the serious things, the serious things it is the food and so there is a little app that allows you to monitor everything you eat: MyFitnessPal, here we go MyFitnessPal, there you see it's the weight that I lost, I started at 87 but my weight goal I put a realistic weight goal, if you have 15 pounds to lose to get the right BMI Start small, because otherwise it will be hard I want to go to 76 kg, so I must arrive now before I had 1950 calories to eat / d I have to do – 1,860 calories consumed per day me my problem is that I eat a lot between meals, so don't deprive, because if we actually deprive ourselves the risk is that we eat to excess something other than meals, and at breakfast, it's worth better avoid croissants, pain au chocolat, that's 300 calories, bread or cheese, you eat well, to your hunger, to have the feeling hungry, that is to say it will well satisfy your hunger, that means that you should not eat too much, you must not eat not enough, and each time you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner … and not between meals. By noting your food, calories compared to your weight goal, you're going to do more attention, this app allows you to do that so it's been forty days I use it and it works, there is my meal next to it, I like it eat chocapic, so I enjoy chocapic sometimes you can scan you can see the bar codes here, what is this bottle of milk? he finds it, there I take a portion of 100 milliliters, 45 calories ok I will add my chocapic then it's 30 g, I put them 30 g Some on Instagram told me to stop chocapic, but I that makes me happy, don't mess up 115 calories for a breakfast is good, I'm going to smell it my little bowl of chocapic, we have the right to have fun a little (…) I just finished the bowl of chocapic and as I told you I made a little excess this weekend like every weekend it is saturday, every day i pay attention to what I eat, everyday I do my seven minutes of physical exercise every weekend, once a week I run, so I use for that, the runkeeper app and I run about 1 hour 15 minutes, with that I'm going to be able to lose almost 800 calories, here I gave you my little routine to be in good shape, to be in good physical shape, to get a BMI as it should, to lose some weight in a reasonable way do you have other ways of doing things at home? How you do it to try not to be overweight? There are studies that say that if we have a BMI around 25, so we will have a higher life expectancy than those who are overweight like me right now, If you liked this video, I'm counting on you to put a thumbs up and subscribe to my youtube channel to receive a new tutorial every week

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