Hello the Bienmangeuses and les Bienmangeurs you asked me to speak diets all the time but here I would like to talk about everything that is said not about the diet. You’ll see that it’s almost more important than menus and recipes. Welcome to the Jean-Michel Cohen channel, the channel or not talk about nutrition or don't take you for potatoes and where you don't not tell you about salads. In fact I took the opportunity to do this video because myself from August 2018 I could and I decided to go on a diet to lose a few kilos. And I said to myself that basically everyone is interested in what I eat in these cases, it means as soon as I post something a dish on which I say that I lightened the dish where I did something dietetic, everyone is interested in that is actually I think we spend all next to the message because the message is so different. Losing weight today is a matter of commitment but it is also a case of accompaniment and we have the feeling for example because I am nutritionist that it should be easier for me, it actually is in terms of choice of food, but on the other hand, in terms of commitment and support, well I do like you, that means that from time to time you will have to support me. That's all we do in our Know how to lose weight program. The first thing is when do you start losing weight? Well you have to have motivation. It can't come with nothing. So example of motivation, there are the standard motivations that we take you out all the time, when I question people at my desk is "I want to lose weight for my health" … My eye! My eye ! It's not only for health in general, health is possible but it is an exercise like taking as a medicine in general we are motivated to lose weight either because we feel ill at ease. You just feel bad about yourself, we don't feel good we don't love each other. We look in the mirror, we don't love each other, we don't look beautiful, we don't want to flatter ourselves. "Hoou !! Ha but … Is it me? Hahahahah" Wouaaa … It's not beautiful eh … Woua woua woua … Was that me? " Second possibility we take super violent reflections, you know society is quite snappy about differences and so you have a few extra pounds, even if you are not obese, if you do not have a real overweight etc, we will tell you that you have big buttocks, big legs, a big behind etc. Motivation can be that, we're saturated to hear people say unpleasant things. 3rd thing: there are romantic relationships. I want to seduce, it's a bit the counterpart of what I said earlier when "I don't like myself", that's when I want to seduce or re-seduce … "Buena stardes Senorinas … JP you put me a tequila con 'coconout' I love that! " This is typically the case for example in marital stories, when one separates from the other well very often one or the other will go on a diet to recover a capital seduction and finally, there is the slimming fitness-sport/" target="_blank">sport. It means i would be so much more comfortable if i was losing weight is for doing activities sports if I am a sportsman style tennis, jogging etc. So that means you have to have 1: motivation to lose weight as long as you don't have that motivation it's not good, that's the first thing. The second thing is that you shouldn't have contrary factors. There are people who tell me, that is common for some women "I am going through menopause I take drugs, I can't diet. " Ok we can diet it will be a little slower but we can diet. So there are still blocking factors in a diet that means that it is not at the moment when you have the maximum of problems where it is necessary to start a diet. This is not the time when you take the treatment typically for a woman who wants to have a pregnancy and who don't get it we give it treatments it makes it fat, it's not necessarily the moment to start a wild diet. So that means that when you have a blocking factor in a diet you have to be sure: either to be able to overcome it, or to wait for this factor blocker disappeared to be able to start the diet. The second thing is willpower because what is hard in a diet, I have tested, the first days of the diet, it's super exhilarating. What makes people ask to lose weight faster at first so that it entails is that the fact that you see on the scale that the weight decreases … Yes !!! We want to continue we weigh ourselves in the morning, we take his bite reminder to tell us that everything there all day we are going to be on a diet because that we are happy we have lost weight. Conversely, be careful, when you do not lose weight from one day to the next, you don't have to stress yourself out because of it. You may see it on the second third or fourth day because in all regimes there are phases of stagnation. And then the organism from time to time it can take time to use its reservations before restarting a diet. So this is what I call the will. And he's tired of telling us bullshit like "Yeah I'm doing a diet freely because it's super easy to make a diet "… that's not true. Going on a diet necessarily leads to a reduction in your eating behavior compared to previous behavior. So it's less sympathetic. And all those who say the opposite are people who lie who are trying to cheat. so we get into the practical stuff, you have to prepare your house. The more a house will be full of products to consume and the harder it will be to resist. So that means if you are single do not be afraid, completely empty the closets, if you are family or there is a closet for the family, a closet for you either you tell them it's going to be like that because the priority it is the one who is losing weight that he has and it is not the others. So prepare your house. Managing the week means, for example, we are such a day a Sunday, I know that in the week I will be invited Wednesday evening, I go to a reception on Friday evening, I must include it in my diet. It means I know that on Wednesday evening, the participants of Savoir Migrir le know, Wednesday noon or Thursday noon I'm going to have a recovery meal and if I go to the buffet I will train to resist. If I can't resist a buffet will have to stay 10m from this buffet. Creating a routine is really interesting too, it means the dieting routine that's what we did in Savoir Migrir but create a diet routine It's really interesting. For example I get up in the morning, I do my food program for the day, I tell myself that I'm going to go do some shopping, I know I do: first I weigh myself, then do my daily food program, then I take my breakfast … this is typically a diet routine. And besides, people who do sports are a bit the same thing. When we do sports in the morning, there are people who are on a diet, everyone who is on a diet and doing sports in the morning, fitness-sport/" target="_blank">sport is not only physical exercise that consumes energy is that it reminds them that they pay attention to their diet and therefore therefore they created a motivation system. Indulgence please be indulgent, there is no cadence, there is no a private consultation Know how to lose weight or I do not say it: there is no precise rate of weight loss. The goal of the game is: I start to lose weight, I will finish my weight loss, that's especially it. Yeah, luck with that asked two months, ok great, it was only two months however stabilize for a lifetime so, but we forget, but if it takes ten months but it does not matter, it changes nothing. It means that we will take the time but the goal of losing weight is not the goal of losing weight in a while given is the goal of losing weight unless we were obviously a very particular constraint, style the wedding dress … I know the history. Members of the household, remember that in a diet your greatest enemy is our family. Why ? Because first of all, conviviality is eat all together and when you eat different from others at the table it's very annoying for others because they feel that you break the conviviality. So family is enemy, that means but annemiis in the nice sense of the word, that means that a priori either they'll rot you because you put some mustard with the they will tell you that mustard is too high in calories, or ketchup is too high in calories; on the contrary, they will stimulate you. They will tell you … "Hoo, but for once will you taste this foie gras?" Well no ! We won't taste it. That's how it is, the first one to hit you, you take your plate break on the ground they will understand everything. Finally one more thing: the goal is weight loss, weight loss, it is not encrypted. Weight loss is like the mirror of the beginning of this video. It is at the moment when I love myself, I have already gained my weight loss. I started a diet I didn't like myself in front of the ice. I'm not just talking about physical, I did not love myself that means that I had a small opinion of me. I have a good opinion of myself, it's already won. So afterwards you can please your friends, weigh 5 kg of minus 500 grams less etc. but it’s not true, it’s when you … because you're going to irradiate, it means when you feel good others will feel good about yourself and it will give you, it will give you a new projection of what you are. So it's really important. Finally the objective: never lose sight of it. The goal is you! We don't lose weight for others, we always lose weight for ourselves. Here is if you liked this video especially please comment it, there is an opportunity, suggest me subjects, correct if you want to correct a few things bring me information, i have a lot to learn from you and if not we will soon meet the Zamis !!

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