Carefully open the packaging. First remove all parts from the box. Establish a forward support, having previously removed the screws with washers from it. with washers. Connect with frame and fasten the front support with the screws you just removed. Secure the support with two cap nuts. The delivery includes a wrench. Tighten the nuts. Repeat for the back support. First remove the nuts and washers. Then install the saddle post and screw it previously removed nuts with washers. Tighten the nuts with a wrench. Flatten the back of the seat and unscrew the screws. Connect the saddle post to the backrest base and tighten the two screws. Make sure the seat is installed in the correct direction. Now install the backrest with the four screws. Do not forget to put washers on the screws. Tighten the screws with an Allen key from the delivery. Secure the handles with two screws and curved washers. Connect the screws to the two nuts. Tighten with a wrench. Now insert the saddle post into the main frame. Landing height adjustable with the handle provided. By setting the desired height, tighten the handle. Having turned out four screws with washers, mount the console with the handles on the main frame. Tighten the screws with a hexagon. Connect the sensor cable. There is a corresponding sign on the left pedal. Pay attention to the direction of the thread. Turn the right pedal clockwise. Tighten both pedals with a wrench. OUR TEAM SPORTSTECH WISHES YOU A HAPPY TIME WITH YOUR NEW SIMULATOR!

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