Hi I'm Raquel Domínguez www.operacionbikini.es
and I am here today to clarify one of the I doubt you are doing get more. What is better treadmill or elliptical? We assume that these two devices
they are great. Both elliptical and the treadmill
They make work our respiratory system, cardiovascular and especially the legs. And both make us burn a lot of calories. I already I have spoken to both the benefits
making elliptical as the benefits running. As for the elliptical and the treadmill
there are a lot of doubts. What is best ?, what is more effective? Which to choose and why? And today I am here to help you
you decide on one of the two. Although I really do not have to choose between
again and complements the two, these are great. Well, although in previous videos and you
I talked about the benefits of elliptical I'll tell you a little bit about the elliptical
and its details so you can know what advantages or disadvantages which have front
the treadmill. Elliptical, like the treadmill,
It serves to exercise indoors, but the big profit or big difference
It is having the elliptical face tape running is that there is no impact
feet or knees, while the because tape does exist. So, on the elliptical or knees
or suffer injuries heels yes They could be produced on the treadmill. We could say that the elliptical is more
Anaerobic and displacement movements are without touching the ground. And this is a benefit also can
It is seen as a disadvantage. Why? Because the physical effort no contact
with the ground it is also lower. Today most ellipticals
They have a kind of arms that allow you exercising the whole body. As for the calories as I have already insisted
a lot of times the calories we burn depend on a lot of things,
your physical condition, your weight, your height, your sex if you're male or female,
Many factors affect this, but Studies say that about 30
elliptical minutes by one person weighing between 55 and 58 kilos equivalent to burning
about 270 calories, about, although and I say it depends on many things
and most important of intensity you put him. The treadmill is undoubtedly the most famous
gyms and cardio machines in general. There are many people who have treadmills
at home. In them you can walk, jog or run
depending on what you want, graduate the inclination to go uphill or flat,
and that allows you to be able to adapt very While the goals you want to achieve. When thinking about what is best elliptical
or the treadmill at the University of Nebraska He did a study that resulted
heart rate, oxygen and spending energy are virtually equal in
the two machines. So, choose one or the other really depends
you, what do you like best ?, with What do you feel better? Although if you have any knee injury
heel or maybe you should tilt the elliptical. I confess that although I usually do
two I like the treadmill. And to activate the glutes which of the
two machines is better? Well, I tell you that in this video. In today's video I greet Anastacia
Romero, Lola and Lolita Seves5. Hi guys. I hope my video you liked today
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in the next video. Oh, and if you also want to greet you
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