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Hello friends, this is Benji. I hope you are well. Today, we’re not meeting for a prank but for a very special video, Where I'm going to give my doll the car of her dreams. Be careful, I'm not rich, I haven't put any money aside. This is possible thanks to a mobile application called Qwikmatch. It's an application where there are lots of mini-games, you can play with your friends, her friends, we can chat, we can also call them, Send SMS. It's great, we challenge them. I typed sleepless night yesterday. I was there with Clémentine, we played like crazy. Download it, it is in the description we will talk about it later. Thanks to them because we will be able to make even bigger pranks, go even further and you bring even more joy. Here we go, I call Clementine, the whore I'm going to fuck tonight, tonight I'm fucking her for sure. Hello? Hello, Clementine. Yes Benji? Can you join me at the apartment downstairs next to the Point.P store, you know where the whores are at night. Why ? Because I have a surprise my doll. But I warn you Benji, if I come and I see that it's bullshit, I give you one in the face. But it's not stupid Clementine, you still trust me. Yes I trust you but hey there I am at work, I have to leave my job like that. Fuck the boss, You tell him I fuck you, I break, my boyfriend he has the best gift in the world. You're serious, well then I arrive in these cases there. And by the way Benji! We finally received the papers for you to do your colonoscopy huh Huh ?! My doll is coming! She comes ! You're going to put this on. No, I have mascara. You're going to put it on, your face Clementine. But I have mascara, I don't want to take it off. You put on! It's for the shit surprise! You will not spoil the surprise! Well, I'm not going to spoil the surprise, but I'm not going to spoil my makeup, like I spent three hours. Three hours, three hours, it's three hours all the time like in the toilet. Ok, let's test my doll. How many fingers do I have there? Ten like me? No i mean i show you how many? Ah but I don't know Benji, I don't see you put something on my face. Ok so that means it works, perfect. Go on the road for the gift! On the way ! *calls out* Oh fuck ! Oh fuck ! Benji! Clementine! Look where you're going shit! You're going to remove the blindfold, ok Clémentine? Is it true can I withdraw? Three, three! Bitch, three 1, 2 and 3! What's this ? It's a tarp, did you give me a Benji tarp? But it's not a Clementine tarpaulin, Whore ! It's a car under a tarpaulin! It's a car ?! It's a Clementine car. Did you give me a Benji car ?! Well yes Clementine, yes, I gave you a car. Oh fuck ! But yes, I know, the best of friends. It's me. Thanks Benji! Oh well no thank you Benji, thank you Qwikmatch. Thanks WHO ? Thank Qwikmatch It's a mobile application, we made a product placement, it's thanks to them, huh. Alone I can't have enough money Clementine. Ah well thank you Qwikmatch Are you ready my doll? Yeah ! Do I remove the tarp? Yes remove the tarp! I remove the tarpaulin attention! 3, 2, 1 … Happy New Year! You saw the beautiful car! This is the one I wanted Benji! Look how beautiful! I can sit ? I tremble with my voice what. It's for you my doll. And in addition you know what? There is the key! Oh fuck ! The key to getting started! Start it, listen to the noise it makes. Where should I put it? So that by cons I do not know. Wow! I started You started the car my doll. I started the car. Do you hear the noise it makes? And it's all thanks to Qwikmatch Thank Qwikmatch No, but this is mine, Benji? It's yours. Like this is all mine? It's at you at the end of life. No but it's not true, it's like the gift of my dreams. It sounds like cinema, huh. Here we are going to play Qwikmatch, to show you what it looks like and we'll meet you afterwards. After I can drive, huh? Yes, yes after you can drive, it's your car. Okay friends, this is product placement, but I’m not fooling you, huh. I love this app. There are lots of games, there are a multitude of games. Frankly, I love to hit bars above, I often play with Clementine. I often put him misery. We often speak by messages, as you can see. We can send each other photos. You can call yourself, frankly it's great. In addition we can play with strangers. I recommend you This buddies app Don't hesitate to download it. It is available on the appStore or on the Android Store. Big kisses friends, see you immediately with the rest of the video. Good listen Clémentine, now there is another surprise waiting for you. Oh no don't tell me it's a second Benji car eh. Join me outside and I tell you. Damn, he gives me gifts galore. Don't I have to close my eyes Benji? No, you just have to shut up. Now it's very important what I'm going to tell you. Yes i'm waiting for you. There was this car, okay? Yes. But there is not only than this car. Oh fuck ! The second thing you should know about Clementine today. Yes ? This car has been rented! Huh ?! She's not at all yours Clementine. What ?! He was a prank! But why did you do that ?! Because Clementine the last time you prank me! You made me believe that you had a heart attack, and it didn't make me laugh at all! But it was a Benji joke! It was to laugh at me! But that too is a Clementine joke! The car is not yours, he was a prank! And you got fucked up! But you're horrible, plus I gave you something you always wanted, I bought you a villa by the sea as you always wanted to have The villa in Marseille? The villa in Marseille, I bought it from you yes. Oh damn, but how you did, it's super expensive! But because I too have a product placement with Qwikmatch, And here I am, I wanted to please you for real! Not like you. Oh damn, no dirty it, it's praised, dirty it … We will stop talking, it will be better, that's it! Whore ! The villa of Marseille! Clementine! I'm sorry Clementine! I give you the balls! France won the World Cup of champions! And I'm going to drive the car! Fuck you! I will live there in the villa by myself. There are seven rooms.

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