Hello, this is joseph from Sleevup and in this short training, we will see the 3 reasons to do high intensity interval training. I'm sure you know more or less what this type of session is, we hear it talk a lot right now, but maybe you don't know what's behind high intensity fractional, and that's what we're going to talk about today. Watch the video to the end because what you will learn, then put into practice thereafter, can allow you to reach your goals in terms of weight loss and Fitness. For those who do not know, training high intensity fractionals (also known as HIIT) are sessions consisting of several very high intensity exercise series (80 to 95% of Heart Rate Max) interspersed with recovery periods. A session can consist of several series of the same exercise, or different exercises returning in loops … To give you an example, you do an exercise with the maximum intensity during 20 seconds, then you take 10 seconds of recovery before continuing with the following exercise… and so on. As you can imagine this kind of session is very intense and that's why they rarely last more than 30 minutes. It is therefore not frozen and will evolve depending on the intensity, your level and your goals, but you understood, the goal of the game is to take advantage of the rest times to be able to perform the next exercise with maximum intensity. It may seem a little barbaric, but the fractional high intensity is in fashion and for good reasons that you will discover. Why do you do these interval sessions according to you? We will see together the 3 riches of high intensity fractional and I'll turn it over to Kenji for let him present you the first of it 1 – Firstly, HIIT sessions have the advantage of being very effective in losing fat, and we're all looking for to lose fat at one time or another. First of all, I would point out that for a significant loss of fat mass, a diet adapted in quantity and quality is of obvious importance. That being said, let's move on to the side exercises ! We have often glorified training as running, elyptic cycling, or other low-intensity endurance exercise or moderate for their effect on weight loss and the cardiovascular system. But it's time to make a point about it because we know today that these old beliefs are wrong and we also know that the duration of the exercise is not the most important factor! For those who have stayed on the saying that says you need to do at least 40 minutes of physical activity before you start to melt body fat, you will be surprised !!! Here are some studies conducted on this subject: A study from Australia found that women who completed a HIIT program 20 minutes, consisting of 8 second sprints followed by a short recovery period 12 seconds lost six times more fat than the group 40-minute cardio program, performed at a constant intensity of 60% of their maximum heart rate. Another study conducted in 2001 in Tennessee revealed similar results after an 8 week program: Subjects with followed a HIIT program lost 2% fat while those who followed a program endurance on a treadmill had no observed loss in the percentage of body fat. One of the first studies conducted in 1994 by researchers from the University of Laval in Quebec demonstrated a group of young adults who completed a 15-week HIIT program burned significantly more fat than the one who followed a continuous endurance program 20 weeks, despite the fact that this endurance program enabled elimination 15,000 more calories than the HIIT program. You'll tell me, but if the medium intensity endurance program burned 15,000 calories in addition over the course of 20 weeks, how is it that the program integrating HIIT allowed me to lose more body fat? There are two known reasons for this phenomenon: The first is that HIIT boosts the secretion of adrenaline. And this hormone gives us on the one hand: the desire to take action (which is excellent for boosting your motivation) and then it increases our basal metabolism, i.e. our energy expenditure at rest. In fact, this fat-burning hormone is going to be secreted thanks to the significant metabolic stress that engenders the fractionated exercises high intensity. The second reason is that metabolic stress HIIT allows you to continue burning fat for up to 48 hours after exercise. This is commonly called the “after burn effect”. You will tell me great, but how is it done? It's very simple: The expense resting energy increases significantly after strenuous exercise, and the excess of calories burned comes from fats because it is its most abundant fuel: 70 kg man with 15% fat mass stores over 80,000 kcal in adipose form !! For these reasons, split workouts at high intensity bring incredible results in terms of performance but also in terms of aesthetics. Now let Joseph explain the second wealth of the HII 2 – Second, high intensity interval sessions are more effective for build endurance as the cardiovascular endurance exercises themselves such as long outings in running or cycling at moderate pace. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but it's still true. In the 40s and 50s, Emil Zatopek, a great endurance champion, demonstrated the effectiveness fractional training, then very controversial, by setting records worldwide over 10,000m and 20,000m. And He won three gold medals on the 5th 000m, the 10 000m and the marathon at the Helsinki Olympics. And this performance is still unmatched today! There is a study done in 1961, which compares the progress of two groups of athletes over a period of 6 weeks : The first group carried out training of medium intensity endurance at the rate of 5 sessions of 1 hour per week. So 5 hours. The second group was training high intensity fractionated. Also at the rate of 5 sessions per week, but only 4 minutes !! Or 20 minutes per week only !!! And guess which group has improved their “cardio” the most after 6 weeks? Exactly! the group that only did 20 minutes of sports per week ! I understand it's hard to believe, but it is however very true! This study was carried out by the national institute of American health. So to sum up, HIIT allows you to lose “bad weight” in a hyper efficient way while developing “cardio” and endurance (which are 2 completely different things !!) more effectively than endurance sessions themselves! It's pretty crazy, but that's not all because in life there are those who want to lose weight, those who want to be in excellent physical form, there are also those who want to fill the T-shirt and increase their muscle mass … Let's see how HIIT can help us with this last point and Kenji will explain this to us. 3 – third, split sessions at high intensity allow you to develop your muscle mass. Obviously if we compare the results in terms of increased muscle volume, between an individual who essentially does high intensity interval training and another individual who practices bodybuilding with a view to gaining mass (which has no sense to me, but I respect it) it is obvious that the one who does bodybuilding will have more convincing results! And still the difference should not be so great because contrary to what is frequently suggested, there is no need to work with weights to gain muscle volume. What matters is the recruitment of a maximum amount of muscle fiber. In 1999, it was shown that a heavy load did not result in stress more nervous on the mobilized muscles than a light load, provided to go as far as failure on each exercise… ie go as far as unable to do an additional rehearsal … making sure to keep a perfect execution of the movement! So what matters is not the weight that you will move to each repetition but the total work volume. So obviously, we arrive more quickly to failure with heavy loads, but with an adapted protocol it is quite possible to have the same volume of work with bodyweight exercises and therefore achieve excellent results in terms of gaining muscle mass. What is certain is that by doing “classic” bodybuilding, you will not not burn fat and develop your cardio as effectively as if you were doing HIIT sessions. It goes without saying that if we compare HIIT to endurance exercises, the fractional at high intensity is much more effective in building beautiful shapes Just observe the difference between a marathon runner and a sprinter! The marathon runner has a stature and slender legs and is generally less fit than the sprinter which has a much sharper and more attractive physique, with physical qualities extremely developed. In fact, the exclusive work in cardiovascular endurance will be done at the expense strength, speed … and muscle volume. HIIT allows a much more global approach to performance in all its aspects, it will make you a complete athlete, able to adapt to many practices… and even if we had to sum it up to simple survival, whether to flee or fight, your body is operational. Basically, the high intensity fractional transforms you into a burning machine fat while building muscle, cardio and endurance. It is a wonderful tool that helps develop physical qualities in a excellent level and also to obtain and maintain an aesthetic body, fine and muscular, in short, to get closer to the body you want to have simply and effectively. Not to mention the fact that most HIIT sessions don't require equipment and they generally last between 15 and 30 minutes. But then, you're going to tell me, or is the trap, how these sessions can be so beneficial without having a bad side? Everything is in the title! In high intensity fractional, there is “high intensity” and I can tell you that these sessions are not easy every day. But what's funny is that you get a taste for it! I don't know if it's thanks to the increased secretion of adrenaline which is a hormone that makes you want to pass to action or if it's because by developing excellent physical condition, you want to to “play with the machine”, personally I find these sessions more fun and less monotonous as endurance sessions for example. I do not hide it from you, at the beginning you still have to show a little will to get started, but you saw with me the benefits of these sessions, so forget about running at a moderate pace and go for a good sweat. To start, you can simply sprint for about 10 minutes 30 seconds every 2 minutes. So you set your timer to 2 minutes and each time it rings, you do a 30 sec sprint and then jog, you can even walk until it rings again and so on for 10, 12 or 14 minutes. After a few sessions you can sprint 30 seconds every minute and a half, then again, a 30 sec sprint every minute. I illustrated the high intensity fractional with running, but you can do with a mixture of bodyweight exercises for example, and with periods active… or passive recovery. I.e. by doing a very low exercise intensity like trotting… or in a resting position without doing the least effort. For example, one of the fractionals present in the Physical Program is structured as follows: you have 4 different exercises to do, such as push-ups, squats, push-ups and abs, you each do the exercises for 20 sec thoroughly and you take 10 sec of rest (passive recovery) between each exercise. each of the exercises to be done 8 times. In other words, it's super physical, it's trying, but everyone doing their best, in the end, it is as much for you as for me !! But frankly, for 16 minutes of effort, you can't get better for losing weight and sculpting your dream body. Again, -if you are running or anything what other endurance sport to keep you going, or to take you in hand and that it boring to death, and you notice that in addition to not building yourself beautiful shapes, you don't lose your little bead, so try the high intensity fractional. -if you go to the gym and follow a “classic” weight training program and you feel that you are "getting big" … you gain muscle, but also fat and fitness, I’m not even talking about it, so here too, try the split high intensity. But really try, not just once, do it for a few days, a few weeks, it will change your life !! In the next video I present in detail a method of transformation in 4 weeks which includes high intensity fractional sessions. This method will really change your sports habits because it integrates various types of yoga exercises at HIIT sessions where for 16 minutes you give it all what you have ! But it is precisely because it is so complete and varied, that it is so effective, and I can guarantee that in 4 weeks, if you are the same weight is that you have replaced the lost fat with muscle !!! In other words, if you want to have a beautiful figure, a fit and harmonious body, then simply click on the link below. See you soon

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