Namasté. It's Maryse from Diva yoga and today I have the pleasure of you welcome to a dynamic yoga class, a yoga class which is designed to be able to burn fat so it's a great Classes. When you want to stay in there are different types of activities that we have to do, we have to do of cardiovascular activity, one must do resistance activity and stretching too. So today we're going focus on the aspect rather resistance. So I invite you to find your mountain position, feet to the hip and body width very very long, push the top of the head to the sky and also bring back the pubis towards the navel. So by doing this, already, you have a better tone, bring closer each other's shoulder blades and very very long fingers backwards. Inhale, raise your arms to the sky, keep the shoulder blades again towards the other and exhale, lean towards the left, in the half moon right shoulder stay well back. Inspire, return to the center, and exhale to the right. Again, always in good contact with your breathing, breathe in the center open your arms, push your hips up sky, and lift your heart into the bow back standing. Yes, ha! it feels good, breathe again, and breathe in, stretch out, breathe out go in the chair, pubis towards the navel back very long and strong, inhale, lift arms on each side, keeping your very very long back. And upon expiration you go down a little lower. You can breathe in, go up a little, breathe out come down, breathe in, stretch your whole body, expiration hands on the ground, right foot to back, keep and heel raised, and we go to warrior one. So always the pubis towards the navel, you push the heel back, the knee in front is well above the ankle. Inhale, raise your arms to the sky, gently lean back and you lengthen your body as much as possible. Feel stretching from the foot to back and that goes to the end of fingers, probably you're going to feel a nice stretch in front of the thigh. Inspire, stretch out, and exhale, drop the heel right on the ground, warrior 2, to strengthen the thighs. Move the shoulder blades towards each other the other, keep the thighs tight open, pubis towards the navel at new, excellent! And inspire towards back, and exhale in the corner lateral, bring the arm close to ear, and push your hand towards sky, keep the shoulder blades towards each other the other, feel the strength in your body! And you breathe in, stretch out, breathe out, hands on the ground, both feet at the back, now go to the board, keep elbows pressed against the side, lower everything close to the ground, and climb back into the dog head up, feet grow in the ground, hands grow in the ground you open the heart towards the front. Inhale, lie down, and you exhale, dog upside down. Push them heels toward the ground, hips to the sky, it's beautiful! Inhale, we will do the other side so the right foot to the front, between the hands, we go up in warrior one, heel backwards, inhale, raise your arms, feel the energy, force in your body you lengthen the as possible, to untie all ties in your body. At expiration, you rotate to go into the warrior two. Magnificent ! Always the shoulder blades close to each other, feel how powerful you are, powerful, you breathe in backwards, go forward, side angle. A strong, solid and well-anchored body. Lower your hips down, you lie down, bring both hands to the ground, both feet back, and again, keep them elbows pressed against the body, and go into the dog head up, the dog hanging upside down. And find your balance in this posture. Then, without thinking about it, bend your knees, look between your hands and jump into your hands. Inspire in the half dog, then in the chair, to new, pubis towards the navel, long arms on each side. Push your feet into the ground, half moon on one side, half moon on the other side. Inhale, come back to the center, back arch standing where you open your heart to the sky, and then come back to the center, and exhale, lower the arms of each side. And feel the force in your body, observe the heart rate that has perhaps accelerated, the heat that has created, and all the power that you hold! And we will continue now in warrior 3. So our first warrior, the warrior one that we did everything to time, that one helps us get it our life mission, warrior 2, we're going draw our inner strength, and the warrior 3, we are advancing in our mission of life, to make it happen. You can also bring your arms to the front if you want. And you inspire and come back, and have done the other side. Transfer the weight to the left side, lie down your body, you can have your hands either on hips or above your head, inhale, lie down, expire dive and lean forward, whichever is good for you! Inhale, go back up, put your foot on the ground, lower your arms, and watch them heartbeat. And we will now on the ground, so bend your knees, tilt your head and roll your spine vertebral, one vertebra at a time, to go to the ground, kneeling. If you have sensitive knees, you can bring, roll up the carpet at the front to put your knees on it. So I invites you to climb your feet, to have the toes underfoot, have a long body and strong. Inhale, raise your arms, and exhale bring your hands back, just down from the back, you push the hips to the front to have the remaining hips above the knees, lift the heart toward the sky. And it can be your camel posture, keep your chin returned, and if it suits you, you can put your hands on your heels, or push your hips forward and the heart to the sky. Keep your chin slightly returned, and then you go back up with hands on the lower back, to come back down sitting on your heels, and watch the effects. A slight twist to left, slight twist to the right. And U.S end our session by boat. Find your balance on the glutes, keep your back very very long you can have your hands on your thighs, step back back while keeping it very straight. You put your feet forward, you can put hands to the side you can also lift the feet. Keep your hands on the side, and breathe deeply into your posture. You will both strengthen the quadriceps, the belly. And at some point given it trembles, it's normal it's the adaptable nervous system, and you stay in your posture to go seek power, and strength. Inspire, lie down, and at the expiration come back. And observe the effects of your session. And lo and behold, that's what completes our short dynamic session, a session where you burn fat, or you burn Calories. And this session was really great to go get your inner strength, go get your sweet power interior. So you will increase your trust yourself by doing these postures, because you're going to feel that you are capable. So this effect of confidence in yourself, is going to have an effect on the rest of your life too, because that you will no longer go into the direction of your projects, you're going to be more able to say no and you go be able to assert yourself. So it's really great. So, I invite you to subscribe on the Diva Yoga website: www.diva- to have others tips, other yoga classes and for can also have advice for adapt, personalize your practice yoga. I wish you a great day and see you very soon. Namasté

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