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Erwann Mentheour, sports coach and author of the Firnext method answers your questions. my dream is to get into sport but I can't do it, frankly i think i am allergic. I think there are a lot of women in your case and a lot of people who want to have a beautiful line, be sharp, in good health without making any effort! I want to tell you that if it was easy, there would only be models on the street. In your defense, recent studies have proven that someone who did 3 short jogs a week but who was completely sedentary by the way, who was always taking his car which was always sprawled in his office spent far fewer calories in his day than someone who was very active, who spent his time walking taking the stairs … so that can perhaps make you feel guilty For those who are really but then really allergic to sports, I will quote you the three measures which are essential to be healthy, look good and be fit! First measure is to be very active, i.e. to take systematically the stairs when you get close from your workplace you are at two metro stations, get off the metro and do it on foot, get into the habit of really moving. The second rule and not least, I think this is the most important, is that sport in general is a good complement to food to have good health and be fit it is 70% food 30% sport. If you set up a nutritional fund thought which focuses the quality of your nutritional intake you will have already taken a big step towards health and a beautiful appearance. Third point because first of all I am one of the basic optimists and that I think if you have an allergy, she must be able to heal herself. Just try once a week a small mixed session, only one! Where you do twenty minutes of bodybuilding, physical culture and then about twenty minutes of cardio. You will see very quickly it will bring you great well-being and it will give you results that may make you want to continue and go a little further! If you do this session once a week I'm sure you're going to have such results it will make you want to push a little further, and I too will be happy! It was Erwann Mentheour, sports coach and creator of the Fitnext method. Go to: www.fitnext.com

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