For many women, the area between the armpits and the chest gives rise to complexes when it contains fat. In a swimsuit, top or dress, this fat tends to come out, even more if your bras are too tight. How to lose this misplaced fat quickly with little effort and naturally? Simply by performing these little exercises in 2 minutes every day, you should not be long in seeing the results. Of course, eating a balanced diet and playing sports regularly will help you reach your goals faster. Exercise 1 to lose fat between the armpits and the chest. Stand upright, in front of a wall. Extend your right arm to keep yourself at the correct distance from the wall. Keep your arm straight and place your hand on the wall so that your arm is perpendicular to the wall. Bring your other hand against your right shoulder without moving, keep your back straight. Slightly bend your right arm and push against the wall with your hand to straighten up. This exercise looks like vertical pumps, against a wall and with one arm. Perform these movements 5 times before changing arms to make the same movement 5 times and repeat the exercise a second time with each arm. Exercise 2: the diamond. Stand facing the wall, but move your feet further away from the wall, about 10 to 15 cm depending on the desired difficulty. Place your two hands against the wall, facing each other. Slowly bend your elbows to descend in a vertical pump against the wall then straighten your body by pushing on your arms. Repeat the exercise 10 times. Exercise 3: the easy pump. Kneel on a floor mat, lean towards the ground while standing with your arms extended, hands against the ground. Then raise your knees to bend them back (against your buttocks) and cross your feet, while holding your chest with your arms. Perform the same movement as for the pumps. Slowly bend your elbows to descend closest possible from the ground and push on your arms to straighten up. Repeat this exercise a dozen times. If you experience joint or muscle pain, do not do these exercises or ask your physiotherapist or doctor for advice first.

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