Hello, this is Isabelle de Réussite fitness. On the program for today's session: burn 150 calories I've prepared 9 exercises for you all the body, full body. We will work on all muscle groups: 20s of exercise 10s of rest We do a circuit of 9 exercises and we go do it 3 times. Are you ready ? Come on i find you Immediately, go warm up just before. See you soon. Go, are you ready? 9 exercises, 20s exercise 10 seconds of rest We make a loop we make the circuit 2 times. Let's go, I start the timer. Small jumps, on the spot, as if we were jumping by rope. We jump on the spot. Come on let's go let's go! A little regular rhythm. Rest. The same thing, small jumps on the sides, we go on. We are resting. Come on, let's go, let's go, come on! Rest. Always the same little jumps, twist, for the next exercise! Go go, here we go, go, right left, feet together we turn his waist to the right then to the left. Rest. Then on the ground, pool rise. On the back, legs apart, we mount the glutes. Here we go. We serve our glutes well, we don't touch the ground, but almost. We go up, we go down, we go up, we go down. Have a good rest! Next exercise: knee pump Arms spread about the width of the shoulders, back flat and here we go! Let's go ! Go well toned! If you manage to do push-ups without the knees, do them, otherwise, no worries, we stay on our knees. Rest. We continue with the following exercise. Hands on the ground, spread a little wider that shoulder width, leg bent near your chest and we alternate, go we muscle the abs. Lets' go ! We breathe well, rest. The following. This time we think a little about the glutes, front lunge, right leg in front, knee do not exceed the tip of your foot, let's go! Go 1, 2, go …. In profile, we look straight ahead. Rest. We continue with the jumping jack, feet together, legs apart, the phone rings but it does not matter we continue … Lets' go ! Let's go ! We are blowing well! The following exercise, we go back to the ground and this time we will do the position of the pump, the arms a little wider than the width of the shoulders, we spread the legs and we tightens them. Come on, come on, let's hold on, rest. Great ! We are chaining our little jumps again! Come on, go! Let's go ! Oops, these are our little rope jumps and not the jumping jack! Hop, come on! We have our invisible rope, we jump on the spot! Rest. The next one, you know the little jumps on the sides, right, left! Let's go ! Go right left, go! Very invigorating! We go, we hold on! Rest. Next exercise, the twist, right, left. Ready, let's go! Go on twist! Come on, let's hold on! On the ground for the next exercise. On the back, our pelvis rises, legs bent, we go there we mount the pelvis and we goes back down. Come on, we serve the glutes well. Come on! We do the movement well, very ample, rest! We stay on the ground with the knee pump. Ready, come on! Back flat, arms spread a little wider than shoulder width, and here we go! Lets' go ! Go again! Have a good rest! The following. Position of the pump, knee close to his chest, with the leg bent, we alternate the legs, here we go ! We do our best! The next one, lunge before, let's go! Right leg in front, here we go! Go ready, we Let's go, we alternate. Your knee does not exceed the tip of your foot, rest! Jumping jack then. Blow well, take advantage of the break time, feet tight, let's go! Come on, we spread our legs at the same time let us raise our arms! Come on! We are blowing well! Rest. We pass again on the ground, arms outstretched spread a little wider than the width of the shoulders. We start tight legs and we spread them apart and we join them. Here we go ! Go again. We're holding on. Rest. We blow a little. We continue, we chain the last rehearsal. Our little jumps, let's go! We go ! Come on, we jump rope! Come on, we blow well, we hold on, we let go nothing, rest. We continue. Small jumps on the side. Blow well. Let's go, go go, go, right, left, we are dynamic! We feel in great shape and it does! Come on, last series, we don't let go! Rest! We continue, the twist remember? Go, basin on the right, basin on the left, Lets' go ! Go right, left! Come on this is the last series, here we go, we give everything! We loose nothing ! Rest. On the ground. Rise of the pelvis, legs apart, go for the glutes! We go down and we go up, come on! Tighten your glutes, you feel that it works. Rest! We stay on the ground with the knee pumps. Here we go with a very flat back, come on, let's go! Go again! We give everything we have, let's go ! Rest! Great ! Soon ends! Position of the pump, knee ready for the chest, bent leg, we alternate, let's go, we change legs, come on, let's go! You do everything you can! We are blowing well! Rest! Front lunge, we chain, we start, leg right ahead, let's go, go left leg. Look straight ahead, great! Rest! Jumping jack. Feet tight, we spread our legs at the same time as we raise our arms. Are you ready? Go go! We're not giving up, we're in great shape today and we go to the end! Rest! We continue on the ground, arms spread one little wider than the width of the shoulders. Feet joined, we spread our legs and we tightens them. Let's go ! Come on, let's hold on! Rest! You just burned 150 calories! Well done ! And to tell you the truth, it's not over, because I stopped the session and I'm am at 180 calories, this is called the "after burn" effect. Exercises intense that work all muscle groups. If you want to complete the session, you can complete it with the butt abs challenge thighs for example, I put you the challenge link to download the program for free. Subscribe to the you tube channel if you want to be informed of videos as soon as they are exit. It's great to have done it! If you can't not go to the end, if you manage to do only 2 repetitions of exercises, it's not a problem, do what you can, that's what counts! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here, and see you in a next video. If you liked, don't forget, a little like. Thank you. Bye Bye.

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