Hello, this is Isabelle from Réusite fitness. So today in this video we are going do 6 minutes of cardio, we will burn the fat, show our muscles that they exist. So I let you go warm up and I find you right away, See you soon. So on the program 8 exercises: 30 seconds 15 seconds of rest. 1st exercise, I show it to you before starting the timer. Feet together, we spread our feet, we flexes his legs, hand on the ground. And we alternate. Are you ready ? Come on let's go! Lets' go ! Go go! Come on, we're trying to speed up the pace a bit! Still go! Very invigorating! Have a good rest! Next exercise: we take the position of the pump, left knee left shoulder and the same thing on the other side! Ready ? Here we go ! Come on, come on, let's keep going, very energetic, abs, we breathe well! Have a good rest! Next exercise! We always stay on the ground, arms outstretched feet joined, we spread and we close the legs. Are you ready? Let's go ! Come on! Come on, let's get started! Breathe well! Come on! Go toned! Have a good rest! We go on, heels buttocks … Ready? Here we go ! Very invigorating! Let's go all we have! We loose nothing ! Go again! Come on! Rest! Next exercise, legs wide apart, tiptoes on the outside, we lift the heels! Are you ready? Here we go! We raise, on tiptoe. Again, again, come on …. Come on, let's do your thighs! Go look straight ahead and heat the thighs, go loose again nothing, go again! We raise, we raise …. Good! Rest! And we continue! Right hand on the ground! And we alternate! Ready ? Lets' go ? Let's go ! Come on! The leg will look far behind! Go again! Go and breathe well, come on! We accelerate a little! Come on! Rest! We blow a little and we resume with the jumping jack! Feet joined, hands raised. Let's go ! Feet tight, we raise our arms! Here we go ! Go go! Come on, let's get started! We're holding on! Go well toned! We continue ! We are blowing well! Rest! Next exercise, on the ground, position of the board, hips right and left, right, left. Ready ? Come on, let's go! Go right, left … Go well toned! We tighten our abs tightly, come on, we are not letting go! Go again! Right, left, come on! Right left ! Rest! The session is over! The session is over! So ! If this session is difficult for you, stop before the end of the exercise and keep a longer rest time to be able to recover better. If it was good, the rhythm suited you well, I invite you to repeat the session at least 3 or 4 times, and it will be great! So if you enjoyed the session, a little green thumb, share, find the challenges 30 days of fitness success, I put you the challenge of your buttocks and thighs. See you very soon in a next video, thank you, thank you for being the. Bye Bye.

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