Hi the Bienmangeuses, hi the Bienmangeurs, we keep talking, you keep talking to me about food rebalancing or diet. Well, we take stock today. Welcome to the Jean-michel Cohen channel, the chain where only talk about nutrition, we do not tell you about salads and we don't take you for potatoes. Regularly whether I'm on TV, at my consultation or with you on Facebook live or even on my Instagram. I remind you that you can subscribe on Instagram, I decrypt the products for you from time to time, it may be a little better than some applications. Regularly I get picked up every time I use the word diet, people say, "No, diets are useless, you have to be food rebalancing ". So frankly, the food rebalancing first I have the feeling to do it from the start of my career. When I give someone a great food profile to eat, that means: raw vegetables, finally vegetables, proteins, a little cereal or starch products, a dairy product … here I do a food rebalancing, but if I lower the caloric value of this food rebalancing, it's called diet except it's no longer called diet. "- Neither should we take er … – People for idiots! " We mixed in full mode full of things, that is to say that in the head of many of us the word diet is the super hard thing, I eat a salad leaf, a piece of white fish and I went on a diet. But that was not a diet. The term diet applies from the moment you change a diet which was spontaneous feeding. You have for example "gluten-free" diets, "lactose-free" diets … but if I tomorrow, I only decide to eliminate the bread in my diet, I go on a diet without bread. Diet is a food model, so that’s why when we say we must remove the schemes it means that we have to remove food models therefore food rebalances should also be eliminated. You know that today it's "lactose free", "gluten free", "no salt", "no palm oil" etc. It's a little bit the same thing, it is with diet or without diet and therefore all diet sellers … So, I see some who are already saying yeah you too are a diet seller no it's not true guys, Make your weight loss report here and you will see the machine we made in 10 years time with more than 40 people, So it's something very impressive. So they managed to do some sort of "blood diet" marketing to sort of revamp the diet. Before that, what happened was when people proposed a diet, I take an example we told you to hide the diet, we used a marketing argument, for example I take something very caricatural: the little yogurt pots supposedly from the Jennifer Aniston diet. Well, it's a diet: she eats less, she uses the yogurt pot, like the magician who takes the rabbit out of his hat. We focus on the yogurt pot but in reality it's just the fact that she eats less which makes her lose weight. "-Ho my god, Jennifer Aniston, i've been in love with you forever …" So before this marketing there it was finally either we raised the sugars, either we removed the fats or we removed everything etc. And we were doing a different marketing, have revamped the diet. Today they revamped the diet with "diet blood" that is to say there are a lot of people who say to you: "No, diets are useless, rather do it like that ", and we still offer you a diet. The thing that broke me out was the "free" Weight Watchers stuff. Yep! Yes, I'm free! Fruit counts for zero points. But that's not true, a fruit is 9 to 12 g of sugar per 100 g, so a fruit if I eat only fruit, typically the grape monodiet which is really a way to absorb 200 g, 50 squares of sugar in a day. Well if you do this all the time you go … just take 2 pounds of grapes per day, you will come across an area of ​​1600 to 1800 calories per day, well you will not lose weight. So it doesn't mean anything. So beware of this "no diet" mode. "Without a diet" is a marketing scam, in reality there are scientific bases weight loss or non-weight loss. To lose weight you must use the fat capital that you have stored in your body to use and mobilize this fat capital, you are obliged to be in a situation of energy shortage. From the moment your body lacks energy to meet its basic needs, that is to say: maintain its temperature at 37 degrees, ensuring all the movements you make during the day, master stress, assimilate the food you eat. So from the moment you have fewer calories you are forced to take it in your fatty tissue you decrease it and you lose weight. And that’s why some people stop losing weight after a while, because as you weigh less you spend less and therefore fatally, diet should be reduced, so that's losing weight. After yes! Food rebalancing, why? Because losing weight by eating well is better! Here. And so eat well today, we have instructions, we have to eat 400 g of fruit and vegetables per day, we have to eat 1 g of protein per kilo per day, with constraints vis-à-vis red meat, do not exceed that, do not eat too salty etc. We have to have portions of cereals or starchy foods because we need slow sugars to make sugar that goes into our muscle. We are obliged to have dairy products in such a way as to ensure a protein supplement and a calcium supplement and we have to to eat enough calories that's it. So yes, the drastic and restrictive diet is huge bullshit. But the diet is just lowering a certain amount of energy compared to the energy we used to consume to tap into fatty tissue what we lack and do it in a balanced way, well yeah it's a minimum for health but we know it anyway for a long time. So be nice, there is enough to cheat all the time with the words, with the terms etc. Let's try to have something coherent and logical. I would love it to be like this. Now I know it's going to get a lot of comments from you so let go below, give me information, ask questions, give me video ideas, please share, like and above all subscribe, the more you subscribe the more it makes me want to do it And see you very soon, the Zamis!

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