Hello ! You are on a diet wondering what foods are could fill me up, suppress my appetite and not cost me too much expensive in calories. Welcome to the Jean-Michel Cohen channel, the channel where talk only about nutrition and we don't take you for potatoes, this is the case of saying during a diet. The first food that is really essential in a diet is the hard-boiled egg. Why the hard-boiled egg: 1 is low in calories, 80 calories is not much, but secondly because it’s extremely filling, it’s a little appetite suppressed, why? Because it's very rich in protein because egg white does is just protein. Additional benefit of hard-boiled egg, egg in general is that it's a product that contains lots of vitamins. Extremely interesting vitamins like vitamin A or vitamin D you know the vitamin that helps us fix the calcium which is even said to be necessary in some women take it and never miss it to avoid diseases like breast cancer. So satiating product, produces little caloric, rich product, lots of vitamins so super interesting product. Then the second product we always tell you that it is 0% yogurt or 0% fromage blanc and I purposely took something else to show you that which interests me is first -1 to cross a protein like the egg with a protein like a dairy product, that makes it the most beautiful of proteins when we cross these two proteins this is the most beautiful of protein all the people who do bodybuilding know it now. But before I show it to you, blast me the blue thumbs at the bottom of the video to show your support and encourage him to come in the comments, he really deserves it. It’s true that 0% yogurt can be a little tasteless too, not everyone likes it and there I had a cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is not very different from white cheeses except that the particularity is that it will be worked a little differently but it's the same thing, it's made with milk or milk pasteurized if you're afraid, except that cottage cheese it was only fermented so this is the difference with 0% fromage blanc which was not fermented but the cottage cheese it was fermented and this chesse cottage interests me. So the yogurt was not bad but I still prefer cottage cheese why because it 0.8% fat. It's not so much, it's worth it to have a little chouya in addition to calories and on the other hand to be pleasure so it interested me that said if you want to take cheese 0% white it works. So we have hard-boiled eggs in the fridge, we have 0% fromage blanc, we have products that fill us up and that contain fiber. So we're going to take the apple and we're going take the pineapple. Why do I take apple and pineapple? Two peculiarities to these 2 products: 1- low in calories as usual it's maximum 50 kcal or even 40 for pineapple. Second- extremely wealthy fiber so it will cause a feeling of fullness and in addition there's a little bit of sugar inside, slightly less than in some fruits. So it's quite interesting to have I prefer for example to take an apple rather than a banana, take pineapple rather than cherries. So of course the seasons limit us but apples are almost all year round so we have no problem. With me in Corrèze, there are apple trees that are apple trees that are not very high quality it must be recognized. And we make apples for make a little cider that doesn't have big claims either but that I like. We’re talking to people who want to go on a diet or who are on a diet. So we remember: we take proteins that fill us up but with vitamin supplements, we take 0% cottage cheese or 0.8% cottage cheese to complete the filling and we add the fruits that will give fibers and which will also fill us up and at the same time bring us a little sugar which will calm small sweet cravings. Despite everything we say and you might think it's not true but it is true that tea and coffee are extremely useful foods in a diet. Why are they useful? First, because they help us appetite suppressing, that is to say, instead of going for a snack in the refrigerator or open the cupboard, take a piece of brioche etc. By having coffee or tea we will drink something, we are going to commit, I mean committing a food act and like this food act headed for drinks that contain 0 calories, It's really interesting. Second interest, we increase the water intake because when you drink coffee you don't see coffee like that a very small espresso, you can very well drink an American coffee, and the tea it's natural to drink it in lots of water so the addition of the drink, the act of eating and the fact that these products contain tea like caffeine coffee, slightly exciting product which will slightly appetite, well it makes it an essential product during diets. What else What else What else What else (French accent) What else There, 5th product, you are going to tell you he went crazy the guy! He put us a drink we don't know what, it's lemonade at best … We hesitate we think … Well no! You know what it is ? It's vegetable cooking water. When you are doing vegetables and dieting in general you cook them even it's frozen, they stay a long time and when you remove the vegetables often they have a color. the pigments that were in the vegetables. Well when you collect the cooking water from the vegetables you collect a large part of the minerals that were in the vegetables. Not vitamins, they will be destroyed in the heat but the minerals you will recover them. Advantage, we find a little the advantages of coffee and tea we will drink, we're gonna do something useful to us when we were going nibble. Second advantage, it is very rich in minerals and there I see who laughs who say "cooking water …" It is very rich in minerals. Try you will see it's been a particular effect, it costs nothing at all you recover the cooking water vegetables you put it in an empty bottle of mineral water and then you keep it in the fridge every time you do you want to eat or whenever you want to snack you take a small glass of this water thinking about what i just told you. If you liked this video you like it and you share it then above all please subscribe. 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